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Basic Construction Co. is the go-to expert for asphalt paving projects in Eastern Virginia. We’re proud to have earned multiple state, governmental, and municipal road paving contracts, and, over the years, we’ve laid blacktop on highways and byways all over most of Eastern Virginia.

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ASPHALT PAVING. Asphalt is composite material used to surface roads, parking lots, air ports, as well as the core of embankment dams. Asphalt consists of mineral aggregate bound together, laid in layers, and compacted. Add value to your home or business by adding an asphalt driveways/parking lot/etc. Asphalt provides function as well as...

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Welcome to Better Roads and Drives.... Asphalt Paving, Sealcoating, Commercial residential, contractor, Stockbridge Serving all of greater Atlanta. 678-619-9371. Your paving and sealcoating specialist. Our services include: Paving. Parking Lots. Roads. Driveways. New construction. Remove and re-paved. All Types Of Asphalt Repair.

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As Washington’s premier provider of recycled asphalt, we are minimizing the impact on our environment. We are conserving our natural resources with a lower consumption of energy for construction, and a low emission of greenhouse gasses. Roads Paving offers a better paving solution.

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Many steps pave the way The first person in the paving team, however, is the truck driver who fills the asphalt into the paver's hopper. Two mutually independent conveyors transport the material through the machine to the rear, where it is uniformly distributed between paver and screed by two individually controlled rotating screw conveyors.

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Construction Guidelines Constructing porous asphalt pavements is straightforward. Any qualified asphalt pavement contractor can construct such pavements and virtually any asphalt plant can produce the material. No certification is required. Successful construction starts from the ground up – literally.

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Cold mix asphalt is often used on lower-volume rural roads, where hot mix asphalt would cool too much on the long trip from the asphalt plant to the construction site. An asphalt concrete surface will generally be constructed for high-volume primary highways having an average annual daily traffic load greater than 1200 vehicles per day.

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Assuming an entirely new road where there has been no pavement before, the process begins with an examination of the right of way and the projected mix of traffic and the expected loading. Then, as Brian Ashworth noted, the soil is prepped, in som...

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Southampton Roads Construction of Virginia Beach is Hampton Roads expert for asphalt paving, maintenance, repair, crack sealing and coating, concrete and site work as well as certified helical pier installation and repair. Call 757-425-6282 or visit

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Asphalt is used in 85% of parking lot construction in the U.S. for a reason. Economically, environmentally, and for efficiency’s sake, it is just the better choice. Call us at Ideal Construction LLC in Staples, MN to get great asphalt paving.

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Spring Asphalt Paving. Serving Spring, Texas, Corestone Asphalt Paving and Construction brings the highest level of professionalism to asphalt paving projects. We have earned our reputation as the paving contractors, in Spring TX, that you can rely on. We specialize in parking lot paving, asphalt paving, paving maintenance and repair, and much...

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A road surface or pavement is the durable surface material laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic, such as a road or walkway.In the past, gravel road surfaces, cobblestone and granite setts were extensively used, but these surfaces have mostly been replaced by asphalt or concrete laid on a compacted base course.Road surfaces are frequently marked to guide traffic.

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Asphalt Paving Compact track loaders help Iowa contractor keep jobs on schedule Growing up in Del Rio, Texas, Gustavo Villarreal did not dream of owning a construction business one day.

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Types of Asphalt. Hot Mix Asphalt HMA is a mixture of approximately 95% stone, sand, and gravel bound together by asphalt cement. HMA is long-lasting, resilient, and smooth to drive on. Crushed/ Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement RAP is taken from asphalt excavated from old roads, driveways and parking lots. After it is crushed and processed at a...

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Include asphalt cost escalator provisions established during the oil embargo of the 1970s, allowing contractors to adjust their construction price based on fluctuation in liquid asphalt cost after the bid is won Lack equivalent paving design methods that can compare current asphalt

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Asphalt Driveway Paving. We offer a full range of driveway paving services to help get your property back to the way it should be. By selecting Michigan Roads LLC as your driveway paving professionals, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get an expert team of pros that are dedicated to providing you with the best asphalt paving services in Oakland County Michigan.

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Asphalt concrete commonly called asphalt, blacktop, or pavement in North America, and tarmac, bitumen macadam, or rolled asphalt in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland is a composite material commonly used to surface roads, parking lots, airports, as well as the core of embankment dams.

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We connect communities, regions, and roads to the future. Click to discover the nation's top asphalt contractors and road construction companies, Simon.